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Most signs of getting old can not be fully stopped. Wrinkles, aging skin or worse physical condition are always related with getting old. Many man believe that additional years ennoble, that they become then better perceived in society, they are more mature. Unfortunately, the first signs of aging is hair loss. And that is why most man want to keep their hair as long as it is possible.

THE BEST products for hair loss

At the market you can find hundreds of products to fight baldness. It's really hard to decide which can give You the best add the quickest effects. Don't worry we have tested many of them, so we are able to recommend You the best curative pills. We have selected the top three.


Follixin is recommended by doctors for the treatment to rebuild hair, those pills are proper to use by both, man and woman. The tablets enable quick hair growth, so You can get back Your natural hair. This product extends the hair roots, strengthens and thickens the root sheath of each hair. Follixin by working inside of the body enables to rebuild the lost hair and protect others by strenghtening the healthy bulbs. Follixin is the best dietary product which works as well as to prevent hair loss and stimulate their rapid growth. Follixin is completely safe supplement, that contains only natural ingredients.


PROFOLAN This dietary supplement is based on carefully selected ingredients, this innovative formula is called Grow3 and it is mixed of an extract of horsetail, nettle and L-cysteine. Numerous clinical studies confirm the fact that regular use of the product Profolan: stimulates hair growth, block the hormone DHT, preserves natural hair color,improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles. No matter what is the cause of loosing hair (stress, age, genetics or perhaps improper lifestyle) pills Profolan effectively cope with any type of baldness. This is possible because Profolan works inside your body eliminating the main reason of hair loss.


Procerin capsules contain a number of active ingredients, which task is to stop the harmful effects of DHT (a derivative of testosterone that causes baldness), without causing any hormonal imbalance. In the other hand, the foam Procerin XT stimulate hair, so they start to grow really faster. The therapy lasts about two months, after then you will be alble notice the full effects. Procerin is compoud of only natural ingredients, thai is why Procerin is completely safe and there is no risk of unwanted side effects.

Mentioned products are the best agents in the category of drugs for baldness. We hope that thanks to this combination it will be easier for you to decide which product for baldness is the best for You. May you be able to enjoy the mop of hair for a years!

Customer testimonials

“For me it worked. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work for you, too.“ “By month 3 I started to see results. I have reached a significant improvement of my hair situation, especially in the temple region. It’s been 9 months now…“ Mike, 39 years, London, UK (FOLLIXIN)

“They don’t make false promises and that is why I love this hair treatment and decided to try it out in the first place. Straight out they say it is not a quick fix that will work in 2-3 days. It’s not a spray on hair loss treatment or something crazy like that. It’s a long term solution that has been proven to yield results.” Jack, 38 years, Paris, France (PROFAN)

How to treat androgenetic alopecia?

The problem of hair loss affects more than one third of men at forty years of age and more than half at fifty years of age. This sad statistcs don't have be permament. Nowadays,there are some great methods to prevent excessive hair loss. You need to react fast if You don't want to shine bald head. There are many types of hair loss, but the most common is baldness caused by androgen. Now I will try to explain the reasons of hair loss and I will try to give You a couple of possible solutions to this problem. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy the mop of hair for many years, and other man will be jealous.

Characteristics of androgenetic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is also known as male type of baldness, although it may also affect women. It is the most common cause of hair loss. We have to blame gens for the appearance of androgenetic alopecia. If the majority of the members of your family has trouble with hair loss, you are at higher risk. According to a study hereditary baldness affect especially white man.

What is the mechanisms of androgenetic alopecia? Hair loss starts from the top of head or from a receding hairline, that form so-called meanders. Sometimes there appear both types. Many people believe that reason of hair loss is caused by high level of testosterone. But this is not true. In fact, hair loss is caused by a derivative of testosterone, named DHT. Most of baldness products try to stop its production. DHT makes the hair follicles become weakened. Moreover it cuts the hair growth phase, which causes faster hair loss.

TREATMENT of androgenetic alopecia by pharmacological methods

One of the most common ways to combat hair loss is to use pharmacological treatment. Usually used for this purpose are corticosteroids especially cortisone and related substances. Treatment must be started as fast as possible, then there is chance for success. Cortisol is used in two forms: as an ointments applied directly to the hair, or pills. Unfortunately, treatment with cortisol can cause serious side effects including acne, growth of bodyweight, high blood pressure, eye problems or osteoporosis. . That's why You shouldn't have this treatment for too long.

Better and safer way is to try our dietary products. You will not regret this.


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